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Security Ahead of the Festive Season

Security Ahead of the Festive Season

As a business owner, you do not want to go into the festive season with unstable IT infrastructure as downtime can cost your business big money especially since this is your busiest time of the year. Although you cannot completely prevent downtime there are many...

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How an insecure mailbox can cost you R100k

How an insecure mailbox can cost you R100k

This past week I received a call from someone who was a victim of cybercrime. His Telkom mailbox was hacked without his knowledge and the hacker set up an automatic forward for all emails that contained the word ‘invoice’ in the subject line. The hacker then edited...

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Operational Downtime

Struggling to maintain smooth IT operations which costs your business huge amounts of time and money.

IT Infrastructure

Unnecessary downtime due to poor IT infrastructure and lack of experienced IT management.

IT Forecasting

Difficulty in deciding on the right technology solutions for your business.

Virus Protection

Prevention and recovery of Ransomware Attacks.

Inefficient IT Vendors

Hassles with inefficient IT vendors.

Data Backup

No solid data backup leading to loss of valuable data.